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Akzo Nobel Industrial Coatings Limited

  • PO Box 37
  • Crown House
  • Hollins Road
  • Darwen
  • Lancashire
  • BB3 0BG
  • Tel: 01434 320421
  • Fax: 01434 321698

Replacine replacement


AKZO NOBEL COATINGS’ over-painting system, Steelseal, can revive and protect prestigious facilities.
Industrial units, leisure complexes, retail and distribution centres are examples of where the system can be used. The company claims that Steelseal can be used to modernise and extend the life of buildings before expensive replacement of their metal cladding is needed.
The system has been formulated for application to PVC Plastisol, polyester, silicone polyester and PVF2 coated substrates on galvanised steel and metal. Comprising a range of primers, undercoats and topcoats, which may be applied by brush or airless spray, Steelseal Topcoats are available to match any colour including British Standard, RAL and NCS colour palattes, according to the manufacturer.
Steelseal also aims to reduce the cost of building maintenance, and by re-coating at the optimum time, it eliminates the need to strip back the original cladding surface. Akzo Nobel says that the coating system has excellent weather resistance, colour stability, and overall performance for up to 10 years.

Published: June 2010

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