Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Home with the Latest Door Designs

New internal doors are an easy way to upgrade your home. High-quality internal doors from Internal Doors UK will be with your home for a long time. Unlike interior design with the latest fashions rapidly changing, internal doors will be there long after the paint or wallpaper has changed.

Unfinished Doors

Unfinished doors need a bit of work before they can be hung in a doorframe. Unfinished doors come ready for you to apply your own paint or stain. This can be a lot of work, but if you want your home to scream of everything you, it is worth it. You can even hire someone to do it for you in the colours you choose.

Unfinished doors are a great option if you want a door that blends into the wall in a bold colour. They allow you to paint the door one colour on one side and another on the other. Unfinished doors can be stripped and repainted to keep up with the latest trends or your changing tastes.

Glazed Doors

Not only will glazed doors transform your home, but they’ll also transform you. Internal glazed doors allow sunlight to travel from room to room, warming and brightening even the most dismal of spaces.

Increased sunlight flowing through your home improves moods and helps with sleeping. Improved moods and better sleep means improved relationships and increased performance. Sunlight helps the body clock in a way that artificial lights can’t. Natural light tells the body when to wake in the morning and fall asleep at night. Better sleep and an improved mood increase your energy. Sufficient sleep also improves your appearance. Giving your home a makeover with internal glazed doors gives you a makeover too, starting on the inside. No amount of makeup or cosmetic surgery can accomplish that.

Finished Doors

Finished doors cost a bit more than unfinished doors but that is because they come ready to hang in a doorframe. If you want doors that will last and maintain a classic appearance through years of interior design fads, finished doors are the way to go. They don’t just come in traditional whites and wood finishes but in modern greys and blacks.


Matching high-quality doors transform an atmosphere of chaos and feeling on edge to one of calmness. All the doors in your home need to match and be properly fitted to their doorframe. That doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice privacy to have glazing or put a fire door in every frame. If your home will benefit from internal glazed doors but your home requires privacy, frosted glass is an option. If the frosted glass doesn’t go far enough in some rooms, you can get doors with solid panels to match the glazed panels. Matching fire doors are available so you don’t have to compromise safety for style.

New internal doors are a simple way to upgrade your home. They transform spaces in ways paint can’t.