Contraflam Vetrogard Blast: Highly effective protection from fire and explosions

The world is changing and the requirements for fire-resistant and high-security glazing are becoming more complex. By investing in research and development to expand its range of products, Vetrotech Saint-Gobain says it aims to provide comprehensive protection with precision.

Contraflam Vetrogard Blast is a high-security glass that protects against fire and even explosion.

Multifunctional and uncompromisingly safe
Many different buildings are exposed to a high risk of hazards due to their function or location. Increasing urbanisation and the accompanying redensification of metropolitan areas can result in buildings being built closer to each other and to traffic arteries – be that routes for cars, public transportation, or the ever-expanding rail traffic. Although highly economical, the safety risks can be overwhelming, which can put pressure on the market to deliver products that protect.

Contraflam Vetrogard Blast reportedly withstands fire for up to 120 minutes. In addition, it can allow for an explosion resistance of up to ER4, protecting people, buildings and their inhabitants from glass breakage and any debris.

Vetrotech understands that the demand for “invisible” security-glass and fire-protection solutions is increasing and becoming more complex all the time. Not only must glass protect against fire but against break-ins and/or bombardment.

The glass characteristics consist of noise control functions, dynamic privacy as well as maximum transparency.

Safety intertwined with design
Contraflam Vetrogard Blast is multifunctional product that can be used for both interior and exterior areas with wood, steel and aluminium profiles. Contraflam Vetrogard Blast is described as a ‘discreet all-encompassing solution’ that combines protective functions with a sophisticated design that is quintessentially Vetrotech. Explore the limitless colour options which comes in laminated stapid colour or emalit enamel glass. Etching, digital printing and curvature all possible on this product.