COVID’s shown polycarbonate is still relevant in 2020 and beyond

A new supplier is set to shake up the UK polycarbonate market. Craig WeatherleyNational Sales Manager of Novolux, explains why the material is more relevant now than ever. 

You don’t hear much about polycarbonate anymore – or at least you didn’t, before the start of 2020. 

Then coronavirus arrived. 

Suddenly, it was massively in demand – and at this moment, it’s what’s separating millions of office workers, receptionists, pharmacists, bar staff, bus drivers and others from the greatest public health crisis in a generation. 

Growing demand 

Everyone – including the polycarbonate sector – wishes that wasn’t necessary.  

But the way it’s been swiftly deployed in workplaces around the world arguably demonstrates the strengths that make it such a useful material. 

It’s thin but robust, cost-effective, readily available, quick to install, and incredibly versatile. 

Once, it was mostly associated with conservatory roofs. That market has declined somewhat in recent decades, although it’s still a lot healthier than many people realise. 

But today, it’s used in a huge array of other areas, too. Factories, garden centres, sports stadiums, railway stations and other venues have long favoured polycarbonate for its transparency and strength. 

Demand for it remains so high, in fact, that a new supplier has emerged, seeking to raise standards in the sector, and offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality polycarbonate sheets. 

A gap in the market 

“A lot of people in our industry vastly underestimate the scale of the demand for polycarbonate sheet in the UK,” comments Craig WeatherleyNational Sales Manager of Novolux, based just north of Newport. 

Certainly, the size of the polycarbonate conservatory roof market isn’t as big as it once was, but that’s been more than made up for by the increase in its use in other sectors. 

We could see there was clearly a niche that a supplier like Novolux could fill – there are obviously already suppliers out there, but sometimes the product we see in Britain isn’t great quality. 

“We wanted to change that – and to do so, we knew we needed to go to the heart of Europe’s polycarbonate industryItaly.” 

Products from a world-class manufacturer 

The Italian manufacturer in question was sixty-year-old Dott.Gallina – celebrated around the world for its high-tech innovation and consistent product quality. 

In its Policarb™ range, you’ll find multiwall UV-protected polycarbonate sheets, with multiple air chambers that guarantee excellent thermal performance. 

Commonly used for roofing, windows, skylights, greenhouses, porches, canopies and more, Policarb™ products feature a UV co-extrusion on the outward-facing side, giving greater longevity and a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. 

The company’s Policomp™ range contains solid polycarbonate sheets with UV protection on both sides, making it an ideal choice for all glazing applications and also comes with a 10-year warranty. 

Novolux will be offering polycarbonate sheet in several formats – pallet quantities, full or mixed pallets, single sheets or cut to size, bespoke products.   

In addition to its market-leading range of polycarbonate sheet, Novolux will also supply roof windows, canopy systems, roof lanterns, loft ladders and various roofing accessories, all from stock and on a national basis. 

“We’re confident we’ve managed to put together one of the most extensive selections of quality polycarbonate sheet products in Britain,” Craig continues. 

“If you’re interested in finding out more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Novolux today – call us on 01495 364300, email or visit