Ecophon Hygiene: a high performance acoustic solution

Ecophon has optimised its Hygiene range of acoustic solutions, to make it easier to specify the solution that best meets a project’s specific acoustic and hygiene demands. Designed to meet differing requirements across a wide range of applications, the range includes options suitable for areas where deep or frequent cleaning is required.

The Ecophon Hygiene family comprises the Clinic, Meditec, Protec, Performance and Advance product groups and is suitable for use both in new-builds and refurbishments. For projects across the healthcare, electronics, food and pharmaceutical industries, the range allows specifiers to select the products that not only meet the required levels of acoustic performance but also the necessary cleanability, durability, particle repellence and bacterial resistance.

Ecophon Hygiene includes products that meet all levels of cleanability from a dry vacuum and wet cleaning with a microfibre cloth to advanced techniques that include chemical, pressure, steam and hydrogen peroxide vapour cleaning. This means specifiers can select the most cost-effective option for the requirements of each area – allowing budget allocation to be optimised.