Expanded insulation range for Isover’s U Protect passive fire protection system

Isover is pleased to announce its U Protect insulation system for passive fire protection in HVAC applications now has an increased choice of insulation thicknesses. The U Protect system has been tested under EN 1366-1 & EN 1366-8 and assessed against BS 476: Part 24, offering up to two hours fire-resistance in HVAC ventilation and smoke extract ducts, and one-hour fire resistance for kitchen ducts.

The U Protect system comprises of two insulation products; U Protect slabs and U Protect wired mats, as well as a range of U Protect accessories. Both the U Protect slabs and U Protect wired mats are made from Ultimate, an innovative mineral wool that is easy to install, lighter than stone wool alternatives and combines the advantages of conventional thermal and acoustic insulation with excellent fire performance.

The U Protect system now provides fire protection for a wide array of potential HVAC applications, with Isover having now expanded its range to include an increased choice of insulation thicknesses. Slabs are now also available in 30mm, 40mm, 50mm and 70mm, and wired mats now also come in additional 30mm and 90mm sizes.

The non-combustible slabs and wired mats have a Euroclass A1 fire rating when classified according to BS EN 13501-1. They feature a black aluminium foil facing for a professional, neat finish and to differentiate from standard HVAC insulation. Lightweight and easy to handle, they provide maximum flexibility and mechanical performance, allowing fast and efficient cutting and fitting using standard knives.

The system accessories, which are integral to ensure effective fire protection and straightforward installation, include intumescent paint, glue, screws and tape.

Emmanuel Dupuis, product manager technical insulation at Isover, said: “A critical risk when designing a building is the potential spread of fire within HVAC systems, from one compartment to another.

“Effective fire protection of metal ductwork helps to ensure fire safety of ventilation, kitchen and smoke extraction ducts in a building and U Protect is an integrated system for passive fire protection for all types of ductwork; circular and rectangular, vertical and horizontal. It offers a range of benefits for the installer and specifier. For example, the adhesive is only required at penetration details rather than at every insulation joint, resulting in further cost and time saving during installation.”

Thanks to the inherent sound deadening properties of the mineral wool insulation, the U Protect system will help to reduce noise from ductwork, improving the acoustic comfort of those living or working within the building. The system can also be used to meet thermal building regulations to BS 5422:2009 and offers energy savings by protecting the installation from external thermal variation.