Function and design synergy with BLANCO’s new SOLIS stainless steel sink

Quality, design and functionality have been the consistent hallmarks of BLANCO since the company was founded in Germany way back in 1925 when stainless steel sinks were the sole option.

(The innovation shown continues today with the vast range of sinks and taps in stainless steel, SIlgranit® and ceramic.)

Today’s stainless steel portfolio is still as revolutionary; the technology and manufacturing methods have changed considerably as has the huge choice when looking for a stainless sink yet the pioneering, innovative ethos remains the same.

Today, BLANCO UK’s super stylish stainless steel sinks offer the designer, installer and homeowner all sorts of shapes, sizes and styles for a spotlessly clean kitchen showpiece and all are perfectly complemented by BLANCO’s stainless steel taps to suit traditional and modern kitchens.

The new stainless steel sink on the block is the undermount SOLIS sink which comes in seven sizes – 180, 340, 400, 450, 500, 700 and 340/180mm. The key to this stunning sink is the balance between function and design. Not only are the lines of the sink clean and streamlined, the bowls, with radii 42mm (corner) and 25mm (bottom), are big and deep enough to be practical while the surrounding draining/prep area is optimised whatever the size. The high-quality features include BLANCO’s covered C-overflow and InFino® drain system.