Green Life Buildings achieves LABC Assured

Green Life Buildings (GLB) is proud to announce that its GLB M2 advanced building system has been awarded LABC Assured status.

The GLB system uses world class and unique to the UK insulated panels where the design means the insulation enhances the strength and resilience of the panels, allowing more space available for insulation, and less of other materials need be used.

Once in position onsite, they only require a thin layer of concrete applied to both faces. This system makes the panels the lightest to handle of any building system (per square metre) and provides unmatched properties for resilience, safety, comfort, speed of build and low carbon.

LABC Assured is a one-off building regulations and standards assessment process and, as the only scheme of its kind supported by all local authorities, it streamlines the building regulations application process.

GLB’s panels, which weigh no more than 5kgs per square metre before concrete coating, can form walls, floors, landings, roofs, stairs, and internal partitions meaning multiple family homes can be constructed almost entirely from the material in less than six weeks.

Able to be made to any specification and tailored to work with any design, the systems embodied carbon is over 40% less than a traditional home, and once constructed can reduce the occupants carbon footprint by up to 65% less when in use compared to a traditional masonry and timber roofs.

Chris Williams, MD of GLB, said: “We are delighted to achieve LABC Assured Status; when developers and builders now use the GLB system the experience of getting building control passed on a building will be quicker, easier and cost less, as the system has been evaluated and has the LABC Assured certificate. 

“As the GLB M2 advanced building system is unique in the UK, it’s great to not have to explain the system every time to get building control passed.  Having the LABC Assured certificate means that developers and builders can gain confidence that our system meets expectations of building regulations.

“At GLB we are committed to helping all to build better, with the speed/ease of building providing savings and, most importantly, build sustainably. Our system ticks all those boxes.”

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