HOKO Design expands across UK in next stage of plans to become household name for residential architecture

HOKO Design has opened six new studios as part of an expansion across the UK following a £400,000 investment and a record month for the residential architect described as ‘Uber for architecture’.

The expansion helped HOKO to a best-ever month in February, placing the rapidly growing firm on target to be working on 1,000 projects nationwide by the end of the year.

The six new studios mean HOKO now covers the North of Scotland, North and South London, Bristol and the South West, Birmingham and the West Midlands, and Brighton and the South East, all in addition to the firm’s headquarters in Glasgow.

Scottish architect and entrepreneur Danny Campbell, 30, founded HOKO in 2019 with the mission to fix a ‘broken’ industry by creating the perfect ‘one-stop-shop’ client experience for homeowners seeking to improve their living spaces with the help of architecture and design experts.

The streamlined HOKO process features cutting-edge technology including virtual reality (VR) and a full interior design service to help clients realise their interior design visions.

With more than 450,000 UK home planning applications decided each year and no market leader, HOKO has designs on becoming the household name in residential architecture. The expansion around the UK is the next stage in that plan.

Danny Campbell, founder and CEO at HOKO, said: “The HOKO mission has always been to provide the perfect home remodelling experience for homeowners.

“The traditional architecture process can be complicated, inaccessible, and out of line with advances in customer experience in other industries, and that’s why hundreds of homeowners are turning to HOKO.

“As news of our success spreads, we have seen rising demand for our brand of residential architecture across the UK, particularly during lockdown, and these new studios in these six areas provide the perfect platform to service that demand.

“The six new additions to our team of talented architects working nationwide to deliver HOKO’s streamlined one-stop shop experience, customer experience. Working with a fantastic network of local suppliers and tradespeople, we are able to take the hassle out of home improvement, and deliver the highest quality projects from start to finish.”

There are now 10 HOKO project architects working around the UK, each of whom benefit from the opportunity to earn unlimited pay made up of a competitive base salary and then 30 per cent commission on every invoice. Every architect also has the opportunity to join an EMI scheme after six months.