The importance of Servicing your Cylinder with OSO Hotwater UK

We all know that boilers must be serviced annually but did you know it’s also essential to annually service and maintain your Unvented Hot Water Cylinder? Quite often homeowners are mistaken for not servicing their Hot Water Cylinder as its commonly thought hot water cylinders are serviced along with the boiler, or just don’t need servicing at all. Servicing and maintaining your Hot Water Cylinder with a fully certified G3 engineer is important to avoid any unnecessary stress and costly repairs from accumulated wear and tear as well as the profound affects from un-serviced cylinders to the performance and energy efficiency. Servicing your cylinder with a certified G3 engineer will give you the confidence that your cylinder is fully maintained as well as ensuring it is performing safely and at the correct pressure whilst also increasing its life expectancy, giving you the longest possible hot water experience.

Why choose OSO Hotwater UK? 

All cylinder manufacturers advise to regularly service your Hot Water Cylinder as part of the Warranty within their Terms and Conditions. OSO’s expert-led Service and Warranty Team are highly experienced, fully certified and knowledgeable, providing you with first-class care for servicing and maintaining your cylinder. OSO Hotwater Managing Director, Stuart Elsy, commented, “the importance of servicing to a hot water cylinder to prolong its life expectancy is not as well known as we would like it to be. We hope that by offering a one-stop-shop, OSO Approved can give customers peace of mind that their cylinders remain in perfect working condition.”

Reliable and fully Certified Services

OSO Approved take pride in their dedication to customer satisfaction by offering a reliable and second to none Service and Maintenance to your cylinder. With a full inspection and a thorough check for safety values, electrical connection and signs of damage or deterioration as well as re-pressurisation of internal air gap or expansion vessels, with OSO’s Service and Maintenance you are guaranteed your cylinder is functioning at optimum performance.

OSO Hotwater UK Approved Installer 

Do you regularly Service and Maintain Hot Water Cylinders? With OSO Approved Installer you will be given the first opportunity to price for jobs, service and repair on cylinders that have been generated by OSO Hotwater UK through OSO’s Service and Technical Team. Free to become an OSO Approved Installer you will have an experienced and qualified Technical Support Team on hand to offer you the support you need.

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