Kinedo launches ‘tempting’ showroom offers on shower enclosures and trays

Following the introduction of the Kinespace, Eclipse and Fast 2000 shower enclosure ranges into the Kinedo portfolio earlier this year, the team at Kinedo says it has put together some ‘tempting’ display offers for showrooms that combine the enclosures with the new luxury shower trays in the range.

The combination of the Kinespace enclosure with the premium range Kinestone shower tray can be purchased by retailers at ‘exceptionally low cost’. The display can be customised with tray colours including anthracite, concrete grey, chocolate, sable, white or black. Panel versions include clear glass or a panel with central frosted glass with chrome profiles. A copper profile is also included in the showroom offer campaign.

Tapping into a current trend in the enclosure sector for smart matt black, the Eclipse has been combined with the minimalist Kinelisse tray. An upgrade is available in the shape of the Kinesurf+ tray – which also features a wall panel to create a bathroom focal point. Available in six colours, the tray is ideal for customers looking for an ‘on-trend’ natural stone style tray.

The ‘highly affordable’ Fast 2000 enclosure is offered in two special packs featuring a 1200×800 or 1000×800 Kinesurf+ tray and enclosure, while the popular Kineduo walk-in bath, in both left and right-hand versions, is the final product available in the display promotional campaign.

Retailers can also buy a further promotional set at the display price described as: ‘One to show, one to go’. Designed to offer a ‘superb profit opportunity’ for retailers, prices and availability can be obtained by calling the sales office on 0208 842 0033.