New flooring, pronto, with Sikafloor

The Everlast Group needed to use fast-curing and proven systems in a recent flooring refurbishment project at Euston Railway Station, London. With more than 120,000 people passing through the station daily, the main constraint of the project was time.

Using both Sikafloor Pronto and Sikadur for repairs allowed Everlast to transform a highly trafficked 300m2 ramp area of the station in just one weekend, allowing shops to remain open and minimal disruption to passengers.

As the new system was laid directly over a tiled substrate, Everlast repaired cracks or breaks in the surface using Sikadur, a high-performance, high-precision, moisture-tolerant, epoxy grouting system, which meant no dust or disruption, and then overcoated using Sikafloor Pronto system.

Sikafloor Pronto systems are designed to speed up installation times to the maximum, even at low temperatures. They have a high resistance to a wide variety of uses and the super-fast curing time of these synthetics allows for fast refurbishments.

Other high-performance advantages adding ‘long-term value for the client’, are said to include: static and dynamic bridging capacity, good impact and wear resistance, good chemical resistance and suitability for dry and wet conditions.