Hoarding solutions specialist Plasloc shows virtues of supporting UK manufacturing

For Plasloc, suppliers of unique hoarding solutions, supporting UK manufacturing has been the bedrock of the Newton Abbot-based company.

And the reasons why are simple – not only does it help bolster the UK economy, but it also assists with Plasloc’s unwavering effort to supply sustainable solutions and help the environment.

Plasloc, a patented, sustainable, and freestanding PVCu internal and external cladding system has revolutionised the construction hoardings industry due to its design, which allows for quick installation and easy removal.

Lightweight, clean in appearance and easy to handle, the system utilises an interlocking system which removes the need for ground penetration. It can either be plain white or have graphics applied to suit the location or for advertising purposes.

And with hygiene vital due to Covid-19, coronavirus, the hygienic screening can be cleaned to prevent infection.

Plasloc has been an essential component in more than 6000 different projects and is a recognised and trusted brand amongst the UK’s leading building contractors, including the likes of Amazon, BT, Tesco, and the NHS.

Its hoarding has been essential in a whole host of challenging construction projects, from hospitals and retail projects to airports and major infrastructure developments.

And it’s all down to a perfect solution, and the company’s stance on UK manufacturing and the environment.

“Some hoarding companies source materials from Europe and Asia to reduce costs and fail to mention the carbon footprint created by transportation,” said Leigh Matthews, Plasloc’s MD.

“We have always prided ourselves on supporting British manufacturing and, unlike our competitors, all our products are manufactured in the UK, which benefits our economy and our environment.”

Made in Britain

Plasloc demo wall tunnel for Two More LondonEfforts to add strength to UK supply chains and encourage manufacturers to favour domestic production have been gathering momentum with the decline of the UK economy, Brexit looming and the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic.

And for Plasloc, it has never been more important to work with UK businesses.

“Working with UK manufacturers not only helps to boost the economy and create well paid and highly skilled employment, it means flexibility with supply, better quality control, shorter lead times and better relationships and communication,” said Leigh.

“And those that work with manufacturers in the UK will have less risks associated with their supply chain as they don’t need to import. All of this is driving the need to return to UK suppliers as there is so much value to be gained on both sides.”

Environmentally responsible

What sets Plasloc apart is its superior sustainability credentials and it has been developed as an environmentally friendly alternative to standard building materials.

The screens are built from 100% recycled post-consumer or post-industrial PVC-U, so after use, the cladding is granulated and recycled back into the next generation of Plasloc, ensuring zero waste.

“Our whole ethos at Plasloc is to provide sustainable, environmentally responsible solutions and the reduced carbon footprint thanks to vastly reduced transportation means less harm to the planet,” said Leigh.

“Companies transporting products across the world are not being environmentally responsible – and this should be one of the main reasons why they should not buy any components manufactured outside the UK.”

Plasloc is also donating all funds received from the recycling of its products to Just One Ocean, a charity committed to preserving the ocean for future generations by reducing plastic waste.

Whether you need internal hoardings, external hoardings, demo walls or access tunnels, Plasloc can take your project to the next level.

For more information on Plasloc’s cost-effective, sustainable, and unique hoarding solutions, telephone 01626 356 995, email info@plasloc.com or visit www.plasloc.com.