Polycarbonate: A growing trend?

Blue plastic striped polycarbonate surface in the sun

At over 100 years old, polycarbonate is certainly one material that’s stood the test of time. And now, it’s seeing a surge in popularity. Novolux National Sales Manager Craig Weatherley explains…

It’s been around for decades, and over the years has seen increasing competition from other materials such as glass and ceramics, but in the current market, polycarbonate is seeing a huge growth in popularity.

In fact, according to the European Polycarbonate Sheets Market, Growth and Trends Forecast, the versatile material is expected to register a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of over 3% by 2025, and one of the major factors driving this growth is the increased demand within the construction industry.

According to the report, construction was the largest industry for the polycarbonate sheet market, accounting for around 64% in 2020.

Thanks to their lightweight, easy installation and energy conservation features, polycarbonate sheets are ideal for roofing, cladding and glazing applications, and can even be used in fencing and walls for both residential and commercial building projects.

Polycarbonate roofs are also a popular trend in conservatories thanks to their UV protection features – UV stabilisers within the material help protect it from the sun, sustaining it for a long period of time compared to other materials.

Additionally, when compared to glass, solid polycarbonate sheets have a far higher impact resistance, something that’s extremely useful when it comes to the transportation, handling and installation phases of projects.

Moreover, polycarbonate sheets provide a high resistance against hail, falling branches and other objects. The material also doesn’t become brittle with age, unlike GRP or fibreglass.

And finally, polycarbonate sheets can also be laminated together with a polyurethane film adhesive under heat and pressure for more demanding applications where resistance to forced entry is needed.

Extensive range

With so many benefits, it’s no wonder then that polycarbonate, despite being on the market for a long time, has seen a growth in popularity.

And one company that’s successfully tapped into this lucrative market is Novolux, a supplier of solid and multi-wall polycarbonate sheet products to the glass and glazing, DIY, and horticultural markets.

Based just north of Newport, Novolux offer the Policarb™ range, where you’ll find multiwall UV-protected polycarbonate sheets, structured with air-cells that ensure excellent thermal insulation and impact resistance.

These multiwall sheets are resistant to UV rays, are energy saving, economical and versatile, and can be used for conservatory roofing, glazing, greenhouses, skylights, verandas, gazebos and shelters.

What’s more, Policarb™ multiwall sheets can be fitted with a complete set of accessories for easy installation. They can also be installed in most PVC, wood, steel and aluminium structures and frames.

Novolux also offer the Policomp™ range, which contains solid polycarbonate sheets that are UV protected on both sides.

These sheets are just as transparent as glass, but weigh half as much, meaning they’re 250 times more impact resistant.

Novolux’s quality polycarbonate sheets are made by multimillion-pound Italian firm Dott.Gallina, who are celebrated around the world for their high-tech innovation and consistent product quality, and the company will be offering them in several formats – pallet quantities, full or mixed pallets, single sheets, or cut to size, bespoke products.

Commitment to excellence

Novolux National Sales Manager Craig Weatherley comments:Because polycarbonate has been around for so long, it’s seen many competing materials come along. While these materials of course have their benefits, polycarbonate has really stood the test of time, and thanks to its many desirable features combined with current market trends, it’s seen a surge in popularity, and is certainly here to stay.

“At Novolux, we’ve really tapped into this trend, and are committed to supplying our customers with the very best in the polycarbonate market, coupled with fast turnaround times, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service.

“If you’re an installer interested in capitalising on the huge opportunities in the polycarbonate market, or if you’re already supplying polycarbonate and are on the lookout for a reliable, high-quality supplier, then give us a call today.”

In addition to its market-leading range of polycarbonate sheet, Novolux also supply glazing bars and accessories, canopies, Velux roof windows, flat roof lights, roof lanterns and loft ladders, all from stock and on a national basis.

For more information, call 01495 364300, email sales@novolux.co.uk or visit www.novolux.co.uk.