Polycarbonate meets demand for sustainable materials

With the UK committed to being a more sustainable nation, demand for energy-efficient products is on the rise. Here, Novolux National Sales Manager Craig Weatherley shares how the company’s range of polycarbonate sheet products contributes to keeping this promise…

As the UK seeks solutions to reduce its carbon emissions, the demand for innovative building materials that contribute to more energy-efficient building design is on the rise.

More and more, designers and builders are seeking material solutions that satisfy consumer demand for green products and meet evolving regulatory requirements.

Early this year, the government announced rigorous new targets for a green building revolution – all homes and businesses will have to meet strict energy efficiency standards to lower energy consumption, helping to protect the environment.

Responding to a consultation on the Future Homes Standard, that requires the UK to be net carbon zero by 2050, Housing Minister Chris Pincher set out plans to radically improve the energy performance of new homes, with all homes to be highly energy efficient, and be zero carbon ready by 2025.

As a result, there’s been a national increase in green building as more and more businesses implement incentives for sustainable practices – in fact, the drive to reduce energy consumption is now one of the highest priorities in building and construction today.

High-performing material

With so much at stake, building materials need to perform, and that’s were Novolux comes in.

We’re a national supplier of solid and multi-wall polycarbonate sheet products to the glass and glazing, DIY, and horticultural markets.

Our products include the Policarb™ range of multiwall UV-protected polycarbonate sheets which are structured with air chambers to ensure excellent thermal insulation and impact resistance, and the Policomp™ range, which contains solid polycarbonate sheets that are UV protected on both sides.

And when it comes to sustainability, polycarbonate is the ideal building material, offering architects and builders many ways to maximise energy efficiency, while also providing plenty of design freedom, enhanced aesthetics, and cost reductions.

Polycarbonate sheets provide important sustainability benefits, including improved energy efficiency, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, lighter weight to reduce the impact of shipping, and an extended lifespan to reduce resource usage.

But the list of sustainability qualities doesn’t end there – in fact, one of the main benefits of polycarbonate sheets is UV protection.

When used instead of glass for greenhouses or conservatory roofs, polycarbonate, as a thicker material, provides better light diffusion. The material also comes with a natural UV filter, protecting anything underneath it from exposure to harmful radiation.

Another benefit is excellent insulation – energy benefits are not limited to keeping heat out, but also helping to keep heat in, and compared to other glazing materials, thanks to air cells within the structure, polycarbonate sheet products can deliver exceptional thermal insulation, enhancing energy conservation and reducing associated emissions.

And lastly, polycarbonate is extremely long lasting. Strong, durable, flexible, highly resistant and very easy to work with, these sheets can last for up to 25 years, saving consumers both time and money on replacements, and ultimately contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions – after all, the longer a product lasts, the less it needs to be replaced, therefore reducing the impact caused by production.

Playing our part

In today’s modern world, it’s imperative that we are all doing our bit to reduce our carbon footprint, and as a business, we have a responsibility to be more environmentally sustainable and do our bit to help the planet.

At Novolux, we’re proving our commitment to sustainability by offering high-quality, cost-effective, and most importantly, sustainable, polycarbonate sheet products to our customers across the country.

It’s a material that offers excellent energy efficiency and outstanding UV protection, while also providing durability and a much longer lifespan compared to other materials.

As well as reliability and excellent customer service, you can count on Novolux for products that contribute to the promise of a net zero carbon nation.

For more information, call  01495 364300, email sales@novolux.co.uk or visit www.novolux.co.uk.