Saniflo keeps tourism business operational

Saniflo UK – the designer and manufacturer of pumps, macerators and lifting stations – continues to help keep businesses around Britain operational. Many businesses are said to rely on a combination of Saniflo products for their drainage, and without them, they would not be able to operate from their current premises.

KMD Cleaning & Laundry, based in the seaside town of Great Yarmouth and founded by husband and wife team, Matthew and Kirsty Curtis, provides cleaning and laundry services to tourism businesses in the area.

After moving to new premises in May this year as part of their expansion, the couple hired installers to fit commercial washing machines and discovered that the drains to the rear of the building were for fresh water only; preventing the drainage of soapy water and effectively stopping the business in its tracks.

Following discussions with the local Plumbase staff – and advice from the technical team at Saniflo – the Sanicom 2 – a large lifting station that pumps away grey water through small bore pipework – was selected for the job.

The Sanicom 2 can connect to three large machines at a time. It takes the soapy water and pumps it up to the next floor, underneath a mezzanine floor. Then, it takes the water down into the existing waste pipes of a former WC, which discharges into mains drains at the front of the building.

With large volumes of water generated when all three machines are working simultaneously, the Sanicom 2 features two pumps that operate alternately or together. A hardwired alarm provides early warning in the unlikely event of an issue with the unit.

KMD Cleaning & Laundry co-founder, Matthew Curtis, commented: “The Sanicom 2 from Saniflo has effectively ensured our operation can carry on in this building. When we signed the lease we didn’t know about the fresh water situation, but the advice from our local merchant and Saniflo has enabled us to find a way around this and the unit has not faltered since installation. At our busiest time it is essential that we can operate round the clock to meet our customers’ requirements.”

KMD Cleaning & Laundry currently services 134 holiday homes of all sizes in East Anglia. New premises, combined with an efficient, productive solution for discharging waste water, has meant the owners can further expand the business without issue.