Sawing made simple with Makita’s new circular saws

Powered by Makita’s Twin 18V LXT battery technology, the DHS782ZJ and DHS783ZJU are both high-power cordless circular saws that can be used across a range of tasks. Makita’s DHS782ZJ and DHS783ZJU also utilise 190mm ‘EFFI-CUT’ saw blades – making them suitable for heavy-duty applications.

For ease of operation, the DHS782ZJ and DHS783ZJU are compatible with a Makita guide rail, without the need for an adapter; so there is minimal set-up required – improving on-site efficiency.

Both machines include Makita’s Automatic Torque Drive Technology (ADT), which automatically adjusts the cutting speed of the machine according to the load conditions. The tools also include an overload warning lamp, to clearly inform the operator when the load is too high. These features mean that the tools can continue to operate at their optimum – preventing them from overloading and overheating and resulting in improved productivity on-site.

The inclusion of Makita’s brushless motor ensures that the DHS782ZJ and DHS783ZJU require minimal maintenance. Due to the omission of brushes within the motor, there is no friction – this means that no energy is lost through heat production, making the DHS782ZJ and DHS783ZJU incredibly efficient. This also extends the life cycle of the machines.

The DHS783ZJU includes Makita’s Auto-Start Wireless System, which means that it can be easily connected to a compatible dust extractor via a Bluetooth link – optimising the dust extraction process.

DHS782ZJ and DHS783ZJU both have a maximum cutting capacity at 0° of 62.5mm (at 45° it is 44.5mm and at 48° it is 42mm). These circular saws also have a net weight of 4.5kg-5.1kg.

Makita’s new circular saws are both body only machines and come in a Makpac Type 4 case for ease of transportation.