Second BBA certificate awarded to Knauf Insulation

Knauf Insulation’s Earthwool RainScreen Slab has received a second certificate from the British Board of Agrément (BBA), this time for use behind masonry.

The BBA certification applies to the use of Earthwool RainScreen Slab as partial fill thermal insulation on conventional steel-frame walls with a masonry outer leaf. It is suitable for use on both domestic and non-domestic buildings.

The new certification comes just two months after Earthwool RainScreen Slab was certified by the BBA for use in high rise residential applications. This followed the December 2018 update to approved Document B mandating the use of non-combustible materials achieving a Euroclass Reaction to Fire Classification of A1 or A2 s1-d0 in the external walls of certain buildings over 18m in height. Earthwool RainScreen Slab has the best possible Euroclass Reaction to Fire classification of A1.

“This latest certification by the BBA demonstrates that Earthwool RainScreen Slab is a highly versatile insulation solution,” said Luke Davies, product manager – rock mineral wool at Knauf Insulation. “As well as being non-combustible, Earthwool RainScreen Slab offers superior thermal performance making it the right choice for architects, specifiers and contractors.”

“BBA certification ensures customers specifying or installing Earthwool RainScreen Slab can have absolute confidence in its quality and performance for buildings of any height or for any rainscreen application.”

Earthwool RainScreen Slab has a thermal conductivity of 0.034W/mK. It offers superior robustness and durability, with a water repellent additive to preserve its integrity while exposed during construction. It has been wind load tested by the Building Research Establishment to a maximum design pressure of 3,600Pa or 76m/s – the equivalent of a category 5 hurricane.

Earthwool RainScreen Slab is optimised for ease of installation. The improved robustness of the product makes it easy to manoeuvre in place, and it is designed to adapt to minor imperfections in the substrate. It is manufactured in the UK at Knauf Insulation’s Queensferry plant using ECOSE Technology, its patented bio-based binder. This makes the manufacture of its products 70% less energy-intensive compared to mineral wool products made using traditional formaldehyde-based binders.