Newland Homes brings its first zero-carbon homes to the market

Climate considerate housebuilder Newland Homes has brought its first zero-carbon homes to the market, with more than 800 people registering an interest to find out more about 32 zero-carbon houses in Tickenham, North Somerset.

As the cost of living continues to rise, and with many people facing unprecedented energy bills, these homes are attracting interest thanks to their use of renewable energy from free, natural sources that will never run out, such as solar and wind power.

The 32 highly-efficient homes have the potential to produce more energy than the building itself requires to run and the excess can be sold back to the National Grid. Three, four and five-bedroom homes are available and all properties achieve an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating in excess of 100, placing them firmly in the top energy performance band of A, which is achieved by only 2% of houses in the UK. Newland Homes has created three new house designs especially for this site, one of which is called the “Tickenham’.

The idea of a house with substantially lower energy bills is appealing to many in the current climate, and they are better for the environment too as the homes don’t rely on fossil fuels.

Solar panels by Viridian Solar capture renewable energy by absorbing sunlight and the homes have been orientated to maximise solar gain. This energy, with an optional battery storage backup, will be used for electricity and to power Vaillant’s award-winning air source heat pump, the aroTHERM, which provides heating and hot water. The optional battery allows homeowners to store energy from the solar panels for use when they need it, like for charging an electric vehicle overnight.

A large wildflower meadow with natural play equipment is being created as part of the development at Tickenham, called Ryves Vale, along with a special anniversary woodland of up to 1,000 new trees. These fast-growing native trees will store carbon, improve air quality, provide a haven for wildlife and a place for people to enjoy and connect with nature.

Marcus Evans, Sales & Marketing Director for Newland Homes comments: “The evident demand for these zero-carbon homes is testament to the public’s desire to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels whilst also shielding themselves from the spiralling costs of running a home.”

Newland Homes spent two years finessing the design of their zero-carbon homes and investigating the best renewable technologies in order to bring these highly-efficient homes to the general market. As an independent housebuilder based in the West, they are one of the first companies to do so and they hope that other housebuilders will follow suit, to revolutionise the way homes are built in the UK.

The show home at Tickenham, by award-winning design studio Andrew Henry Interiors, is ‘climate considerate’, demonstrating how a new build show home aesthetic can be achieved in a sustainable manner. Showcasing their responsibility to the environment using elements sourced sustainably including individual reclaimed and upcycled pieces, the meticulous design team has created a warm, welcoming and eclectic interior. Highlights include the sofas, which are made of a textile called Rolefin, which is formed from recycled waste fibres, and a beautiful pre-loved bookcase and sideboard, which were retrieved and transformed by the designers.

Newland Homes has three developments underway in the West, providing over 100 zero-carbon new homes this year. The company was the first traditional housebuilder in the UK to sign the United Nations Climate Neutral Now Pledge, which is a commitment to measure greenhouse gas emissions, implements means to reduce them, to consider offsetting and to report progress annually.

It is on course to achieve at least a 50% reduction in its company carbon footprint by the end of 2024, and furthermore, it will be retrospectively carbon neutral through offsetting with immediate effect.

In addition to the 32 new homes available for private sale, 900 sqms of commercial space is being built by Newland Homes at Tickenham. This will take the form of office and light industrial space.