Building Products is a multi-platform title aimed at specifiers working in the UK building industry. The editorial focus across all of the platforms within the brand is to provide our target audience of architects, project managers, building contractors, surveyors, property developers and facilities and estates managers with a wide range of content about all of the latest product launches and building innovations. Content is in the form of product features, profiles and guides, as well as comment, news and analysis – all of which is aimed at helping building professionals make a more informed decision about which products they specify.

Since the magazine’s launch in 1977, Building Products has built an unrivalled reputation for high standards, with technically accurate and credible content that specifiers working across all project types can rely on.

The Building Products portfolio includes:

  • Building Products magazine – available in both print and electronic format
  • Building Products product e-newsletters – distributed on Thursdays
  • Buildingproducts.co.uk
  • The Building Products brand also has in-house video facilities, is increasingly engaged on social media and able to provide live events in the form of round table discussions.

With the magazine having the highest overall monthly circulation of 15,610 within this sector, Building Products is also able to provide reader demographics that can tell you our readers’ job function, their main business activity, the main project types undertaken and what products they buy.