Building Products is the essential read for construction industry professionals at every level of the specification chain, providing key decision-makers with all the information they need to make the best product choices in a fast-paced and ever-changing sector. Its readership is diverse, including architects, sub-contractors, surveyors and facilities managers.

Readers with Purchasing Power

The Building Products reader survey, carried out by Benchmark Research, demonstrates that Building Products readers have the authority to make purchases and that Building Products influences how and where their budget is spent. Can you afford not to reach this audience?

Building Products Readers Will Be Buying The Following Products And Services Over The Next 12 Months:

  • 56% Bathrooms/kitchens/cloakrooms 62% Ceilings/partitions/building Boards 41% Lifts/escalators/stairs
59% Glass/glazing
  • 63% Damp Proofing/sealants/adhesives 68% Insulation/acoustics
39% Renewables
59% Floors/floor Coverings
  • 47% Paints/coatings/finishes
  • 71% Doors/windows
  • 64% Bricks/blocks/pavers
  • 30% Curtain Walling
  • 43% Lighting/electrical Equipment
  • 69% Paints/coatings/finishes
  • 57% Timber/timber Treatments
  • 61% Roofing/cladding
  • 33% Heating/ventilation/air Conditioning
  • 47% Drainage/plumbing/water Supply

Source: 125 Respondents, Benchmark Research, Glass & Glazing Products Reader Survey, 2018