Labour-saving ground screws announced by Southern Sheeting

Building materials supplier Southern Sheeting has launched ground screws which make light work of creating secure foundations for many construction jobs.

Perfect for small to medium building projects, both permanent and temporary, ground screws do away with the need for extensive excavation, heavy-duty specialist construction machinery and are more environmentally friendly than concrete.

The system is also ideal for hard-to-access and sloping areas, where it’s not always possible to bring caterpillars and excavators on site.

Tony Hobbs, Managing Director, Southern Sheeting, said: Ground screws are a fantastic option for professionals because they are easier, faster and more cost-effective than traditional concrete slab foundations. They can also be installed by just one person, saving on labour.

“They appeal to the growing number of consumers who are asking their builders to find more sustainable materials. Green methods are becoming more important as construction companies seek to reduce waste and energy consumption. This system has become increasingly popular for its many advantages.”

Bayo-S Ground Screws, extensions and fittings are available from Southern Sheeting in a wide range of sizes that are designed to suit different soil densities and support varying sizes of structure.

Typical uses include supporting small garden buildings, such as sheds, green houses and summer houses, as well as decking, fencing and pergolas. They’re also a safe option for children’s playground apparatus.