Megaman introduces Anna

As part of the Megaman’s continuing development in the lighting and fixtures market, Megaman has launched its new integrated LED downlight range – Anna. Featuring high colour rendering, enhanced beam control and seamless dimming, the downlight is an ideal solution for commercial applications.

With a 30o tilting angle, 36o beam angle and hybrid reflector technology, the Anna LED downlights can deliver precise but versatile beam control whilst minimising light spill and reducing glare. Crucially, Anna has high luminous efficacies of up to 100 lumens per system watt and an average rated life of 35,000 hours at L70.

For commercial applications such as retail stores, art galleries and museums, faithful colour reproduction is crucial. As such, the track lights have been developed with a Megaman Ultra RichColour option which ensures an excellent colour rendering index of up to Ra 90 with the Megaman Ultra RichColour option – perfectly replicating the effects of standardised daylight.

IP44 and IP20 rated Anna LEDs also incorporate Megaman U-DIM technology and are compatible with a wide range of existing dimmers, including lead-edge and trailing-edge, and ensure flicker-free dimming from 100% to 5%.

Designed for recessed mounting, the downlights work in conjunction with prefabricated junction boxes which allow installers to wire cables from one fixture to another, reducing the amount of cable work required.

Glen Krise, managing director at Megaman UK commented: “After the successful launch of Megaman’s new Ingenium ZB app in January, we’re delighted to be announcing the release of yet another intelligently designed product in the UK, the Anna LED downlight. Available with magnetic mounting covers, the range offers high flexibility for designers, allowing them the further option of circular or square trims to suit any application.

“The launch of Anna heralds the start of an exciting 2019 for Megaman UK, with the release of several new products also in the pipeline, as well as new Product Catalogue, and some excellent promotions over the coming months.”