Osmo UK develops new concrete barrier sealer

Osmo UK, the eco-friendly wood and finishes specialist has developed a new sealer specially formulated for use on concrete sub-floors. Osmo Moisture Barrier & Encapsulator is a two-component, solvent-free, water-based epoxy barrier designed to protect concrete sub-floors from moisture and damp inside the home.

The specially designed sealer is said to provide an excellent barrier against long-term water and humidity damage, offering solvent, chemical and corrosion-resistance that is ideal for interior use. The Moisture Barrier & Encapsulator is easy to apply, requiring only a thin layer of residue on the desired surface. To ensure optimal results, Osmo UK recommends preparing the surface to make sure it is clean and dry prior to application. For use on tiled floor, Osmo UK advises that tiles are secured and free of wax and other substances that could prevent adhesion. Damaged tiles must be repaired or filled with the appropriate compound to create a smooth and level surface.