Are you missing out on the potential of GRP?

Strong, hard-wearing and versatile, GRP is used extensively all around the globe. Paul Smith, Head of Marketing at F.H. Brundle, makes the case for the ever-popular material.

GRP is hardly the most exciting topic in the world, but in the decades since its commercial use has become widespread, it’s proved to be an extraordinarily useful, versatile material, that’s used extensively in a huge array of sectors and settings.

Why is it so popular? GRP profile is made from glass-reinforced isophthalic polyester resin, making it extremely lightweight – but very strong and durable, too.

It doesn’t require time-consuming maintenance like repainting and will perform to a high standard for decades before it needs replacing. What’s more, it offers excellent resistance to both impacts and corrosion.

And it delivers all the above at a competitive price.

First-class flooring

That’s why, at F.H. Brundle, we supply an extensive range of GRP products – like our stair treads, gratings and landing covers. These are robust, slip-resistant and highly visible, making them perfectly suited for ramps, walkways and factory floors as well as anywhere with slippery, worn or uneven flooring.

Our contrasting-coloured GRP nosing complies with the UK Building Regulations, as applicable from May 2004, and those obligations required under the DDA. The tread cover is easy to install, and can be applied to almost any surface, including concrete, steel or wood.

The excellent anti-slip properties provide increased safety on steps and stairs and the high contrasting colour aids visibility. The grit is embedded into a specially pultruded GRP profile which is resistant to swelling, stretching or warping.

Our GRP floor grating products are flame retardant, chemical resistant and have a high strength-to-weight ratio. These offer strong corrosion-resistance and feature an integral quartz grit top.

They come in three colours – green, grey and yellow.

We also have our GRP flat sheets which have the same characteristics as our GRP stair treads and landing covers, providing a fast, safe and effective solution to slippery, worn or uneven flooring. These sheets ensure a highly visible, robust and durable slip-resistant walking surface.

Newer additions include GRP 6m long anti-slip decking planks, suitable for a wide array of applications such as mezzanine floors, pedestrian bridges and walkways, decking and flooring, as well as flood defence barriers.

Fantastic handrails & fencing

GRP doesn’t just excel in the realm of flooring, however. The same characteristics make it an ideal choice for a whole range of other purposes, such as posts, handrails, infill panels and fencing.

We offer a modular GRP handrail system in yellow, that’s lightweight and easy to install with low maintenance costs – all you have to do is simply cut the tube to size and fix on site.

The tubes themselves are available in a range of diameters, wall thicknesses and lengths, offering long-term performance even in the most demanding environments. To complete the system we have our mesh infill panels and kick plates.

We also offer GRP palisade fencing, which is lightweight, long-lasting, non-conductive and UV-resistant, and is supplied in pre-assembled panels.

It’s a perfect fit for all sorts of commercial sites, including schools, airports, power stations and sites where a safe barrier system is required that is totally metal-free, thus reducing the chances of any potential accidents due to electrical cross-over.

It will not need any additional earthing or bonding, further reducing the installation and maintenance costs.

And as always when you buy from F.H. Brundle, nationwide delivery on all orders over £150 is absolutely free!

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