AliDeck innovate with non-combustible aluminium decking products

Aluminium decking experts AliDeck are looking to share their knowledge with the launch of a suite of learning materials for prospective clients to find out all they need to know about their options for non-combustible decking.

Launched in 2019 as a standalone brand, AliDeck are part of the Milwood Group of aluminium extrusion specialist companies. Drawing on their decades of experience in manufacturing aluminium outdoor structures, the Milwood Group developed and launched a stylish aluminium decking board in 2015.

Richard Izzard, AliDeck Managing Director said “Our first decking product was a slip-resistant board, with rubber inserts for maximum grip. We then produced a 100% aluminium decking board which achieved an A-Rated fire certification. These products proved very popular but we realised that we could use our expertise to develop even better products that would bring many new benefits to our customers.”

A whole family of non-combustible aluminium decking products has since been developed by AliDeck, including boards, joists, pedestals and accessories. The products have been designed with safety, ease of installation and cost-effectiveness in mind, with many innovative design elements. This design process has been the product of AliDeck’s extensive experience in aluminium manufacturing, experience they are now looking to share.


“We speak to people every day and help them to understand how aluminium decking can help them achieve their goals,” continued Richard. “Whether they have a new-build, renovation or retrofit project, aluminium decking is always a great choice and we enjoy helping people learn about it. We decided that we would like to continue that online and develop a learning hub for people to really understand the benefits of metal decking.”

By placing their knowledge and experience into a central, easy-access location, AliDeck are delivering a new level of service to the industry by highlighting the features of not only their own products but also competing materials and relating them to the impact of new safety legislation and practical concerns such as installation and maintenance.


AlIDeck have launched a comprehensive overview of the pros and cons of the main viable non-combustible decking materials in a new section of their website and have other guides and articles launching imminently.

Richard concluded “It’s obvious that ultimately we would like people to choose aluminium decking and buy products from us, but we are so passionate about safety that any help or guidance on the practical and compliance issues relating to the use of decking on buildings we can share is great news as far as we’re concerned.”

Visit the AliDeck website to learn all you need to know about the various compliant decking options and be sure to check back for further additions to the AliDeck Learning Hub over coming weeks.