A1 brick cladding solution that’s perfect for the high-rise market

The importance of specifying and installing robust, non-combustible cladding that complies with the new building regulation standards is paramount.

MechSlip offers an intelligent, thoroughly tested solution that ticks all the boxes and addresses the current weathertightness and fire safety fears in the hi-rise market.

The innovative system combines real bricks, cut to form grooved slips, with an aluminium secondary support system to create a robust, yet lightweight, natural brick facade. The natural clay brick slips can be mechanically fixed to any substrate, at any height, via an engineered metal support system.

As one of only two distributors of MechSlip, Aquarian Cladding Systems has introduced it to its unique Approved Installer Network.

Julian Venus, Aquarian Cladding Systems’ Business Development Director, said: “MechSlip enables architects and specifiers to achieve a non-combustible, traditional brick façade with the efficiency and versatility of a mechanically-fixed, brick slip cladding system.

“As it’s a mechanical system, it’s an effective method for installing brick slips to a building and as it’s also a non-combustible tested and classified A1-rated cladding solution, MechSlip is suitable for use on buildings over 18m.”

Whilst delivering advantages associated with rainscreen cladding, including reduced installation times and associated costs, MechSlip is also available in a range of styles, colours, and finishes and realises a truly desirable brickwork façade.

It has also been tested for weathertightness in accordance with ‘Standard for systemised building envelopes CWCT, 2006’ and is also BBA Certified.

“Solutions like MechSlip provide an opportunity to improve the fire safety and longevity of our buildings for future generations,” added Julian.

MechSlip is part of Aquarian Cladding’s product portfolio, sitting alongside the company’s second non-combustible A1-rated brick cladding system NaturAL-X and the B-rated Gebrik insulating brick cladding system.

It’s a portfolio that allows Aquarian Cladding Systems to offer the right brick cladding solution to architects and specifiers, whatever the project.

For more information call 0808 223 9080, email info@aquariancladding.co.uk or visit www.aquariancladding.co.uk.