Constant ‘fresh’ look for ceilings

With the cleaning of metal ceilings often being an arduous task – particularly in the likes of transport facilities – Armstrong Ceilings has introduced TrioGuard which promises to give a dirt-resistant performance.

Ceilings designed to capture the eye soon begin to attract dirt and fade – and because they are usually designed at height in this sector, cleaning and maintaining them is not an easy option.

To tackle this issue, TrioGuard has a dirt-resistant powder painted finish that is said to give a ‘just like new’ appearance, which reduces maintenance costs and eases the cleaning process. It is also colour-fast, keeping its original colour for up to 10 years – the company states.

Made from up to 30% recycled content and giving up to 85% light-reflecting qualities, the product is covered by the company’s 15-year product warranty and 30-year systems warranty.

TrioGuard is available in the company’s standard and custom ranges of hook-on, clip-in and lay-in metal ceilings, in plain, perforated and micro-perforated options as well as baffles and walls.