Fibreboards fit for a King

Carbon Dynamic has used Fermacell to dry-line the garden rooms at Kingsmills Hotel in Inverness.

The square-edged gypsum fibreboard panels have been used to line 13 modular 26m2 garden lodges, including one accessible unit, and each comprising a king-size bed, en-suite and indoor and outdoor seating areas, as well as a plant room module.

Working with the hotel’s engineers and architects Keppie Design, each of the lodges were manufactured and fully fitted out in Carbon Dynamic’s factory in less than three weeks. They were then delivered to site and installed in less than two days onto pre-prepared, low-impact foundations in the hotel’s rear garden.

Kingsmills Hotel

Kingsmills Hotel

With manufacture and site works able to take place concurrently the hotel was able to realise the letting potential much quicker than with a traditional on-site build and disruption was minimal.

Carbon Dynamic completed the detailed design, off-site construction and installation of the modules from its 4,000m2 off-site factory in Invergordon.

Matt Stevenson, managing director, said: “We specify Fermacell for all our projects except where clients specify a timber finish. We have always resisted a switch to plasterboard.

“In this project it was used as a fine, crisp, high-quality modern wall and ceiling finish and as a contributor to the fire resistance and acoustic insulation.”

He added: “It gives a superior performance in terms of fire, insulation, acoustic and environmental credentials. Critically, Fermacell does not move or crack when we move our modules and so requires little if any remedial work.”