Fortitude™: railings made easy by F.H.Brundle

After 135 years trading, at F.H.Brundle, we know a bit about our customers – and we know there’s little they hate more than wasting time.

Installing can be tough – you’re working long days in all weathers, fitting products that are often heavy and cumbersome.

Worse, when it comes to the actual installing, some products are incredibly complex and time-consuming to fit, especially if they need adjusting.

The more time an installation takes, the less work you get done in a day, the longer the overall project takes, and the less time you have to do other jobs and win new business.

That’s why, when we’re choosing products to offer, ease of installation is always one of our highest priorities.

Railings made easy

There are few systems that demonstrate this better than our Fortitude metal railings – the most versatile, off-the-shelf steel balustrade and handrailing solution on the market today.

For instance, the unique, adjustable raking panels can be fitted on-site without any pre-fabrication, galvanising, or powder coating. That means less hassle for you and a happy customer who gets their project finished faster.

What’s more, there’s no welding required! Fortitude’s clever brackets and components are designed for simple assembly.

A complete railing system

Fortitude™ is also aesthetically versatile. As well as our classic Traditional metal railings, we also offer a choice of two other timeless styles –Contemplation, a modern, minimalist balustrade system pairing stylish toughened glass with steel posts and glass clamps, and Contemporary, incorporating narrow upright posts with toughened glass and aluminium channels.

It requires minimal maintenance, reducing the likelihood of costly and time-consuming callbacks.

And best of all, it offers everything you need for a complete railing system, from posts and panels to brackets, glass clamps, and even gate kits.

It’s also extremely easy to incorporate gates. Our off-the-shelf adjustable gate kits let you quickly turn any Fortitude Traditional panel into a gate – simply cut a panel to the required size and attach the hardware to the panel and the end post. It’s as simple as that.

Why installers choose Fortitude™

But those aren’t the only reasons Fortitude™ has proved so popular with thousands of installers around the country – including the Decking Network, and its founder Karl Harrison.

Apart from its stunning aesthetics, ease of installation, and vast versatility, it’s worth noting that the system has undergone rigorous testing in accordance with BS 6180 standards.

It also offers a range of fixing methods – concrete-in, bolt-down and side-fix – which again helps it cater to an array of different projects.

The option to add handrail capping is another string to its bow. Our quality-engineered component sections allow the installer to quickly and easily add Fortitude™ handrails to any 50mm post system – and just like the system as a whole, there’s no need for laborious welding.

What you need, when you need it

Our fleet of over 70 delivery vehicles is constantly on the road, delivering quality products to customers right around the UK, with free delivery on any order over £150.

From 44-tonne articulated lorries to transit vans ideal for delivering to sites with restricted access, we’ve got the infrastructure we need to bring you your order, on time and in full, exactly where you need it.

If you’d like to learn more about how Fortitude™ can help you save time and money on your next project, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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