Keeping Welsh prison safe and secure

A prison in Wrexham County Borough has had the benefit of combining Flexicon work with Precast Concrete Structures to deliver cable protection and containment within prefabricated concrete walls and ceilings.

The Design for Manufacture and Assembly Project saw the walls and ceiling for each prison cell constructed off site complete with fully contained services and then delivered for assembly.
Paul Smith, technical manager for Precast Concrete Structures said: “Providing a precast concrete wall or ceiling that can be simply slotted into place and then connected to all services involves a lot of planning and co-ordination throughout the supply chain.

“For the electrical services we specified flexible conduit rather than rigid stainless steel because it is easier to fit it through the rebar steel cage, particularly when some of the conduit runs could be 3.5m long.”

Precast Concrete Structures used Flexicon’s FPP flexible conduit, which is resistant to acid and alkaline environments.

The FPA fittings used are tamper resistant requiring a tool to remove them, have a high tensile strength, an IP rating of IP66 and are fast and easy to fit with a one-piece construction. Flexicon has over 60 flexible conduit systems available as standard.