Net zero the target for Modular Group Investments Limited (MGI)

Working towards net zero is the driving force for a fast-growing and innovative group of businesses in the modular construction market.

Modular Group Investments Limited (MGI) has set its sights on hitting net zero targets through its subsidiaries, including window, door, and composite door manufacturer Euramax Solutions, aluminium fabricator Barton Windows, and PVCu fabricator Rapid PVCU Systems.

Nick Cowley, MGI’s CEO, explained: “Our aim at MGI has been to put together a group of componentry businesses that can support the UK offsite and modular manufacturing sectors. But we have also made sure we have acquired like-minded businesses when it comes to a commitment to sustainability.

“As a company we are committed to making a positive and sustainable contribution in all areas we impact, and our environmental objective is for all our group portfolio to be carbon neutral long before the government’s carbon reduction targets of 2050.”

Euramax Solutions’ net zero journey is gathering pace as it looks to reduce its carbon footprint. The Barnsley company introduced a new Carbon Reduction Analyst to the team and recently visited the

Packaging Innovations & Empack (PIE) to look at recyclable packaging to accelerate its reduction in the company’s carbon footprint.

“Euramax Solutions is a great example of how we are looking to hit net zero targets. The company has a plan to grow by more than 35% in the next 12 months and a focus on net zero will help achieve that,” said Nick. “Our subsidiaries adoption of more sustainable working practices will be crucial to support their continued development and MGI’s as a whole.”

MGI’s net zero journey is also important for meeting the environmental goals for its ESG strategy and meeting the sustainability requirements and expectations of its customers. ESG is a formalisation of a business’s collective conscientiousness for social and environmental factors.

“As a group of businesses, our goal is to make a positive contribution to UK offsite and modular manufacturing, and we have always taken our environment obligations seriously,” added Nick.

“ESG is now a significant driver that is informing our company strategy for long-term growth and is a key feature of all agendas. With greater expectations now being placed on businesses in all sectors, we want to make sure we are taking the right practical steps and doing everything we can to meet them.”

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