New brochure reveals extended products

NDC has added new products to its Astroglaze range for 2017, providing perfect solutions for when a large expanse of stylish glass is required.

NDC has increased the size options for its flat glass rooflights, now supplying bigger one-piece rooflights to allow greater levels of daylight transmittance. For Multi-Part Units, there’s now the option of a PVC Aero-Fin shroud for internal glazing bars, while new Internal Walk On Rooflights allow light from internal rooms through to basements or floors below.

For easy access to roof spaces or terraces, NDC has introduced Electric Access Hatches that work at the touch of a button. Meanwhile, new Flat Glass Smoke Vents and AOVs round out the extended range, with all the new solutions complementing the outstanding quality and stylish aesthetics expected of the Astroglaze range.