New isoweld 3000 machine now works 50% faster!

The isoweld 3000 system in use.

The isoweld 3000 system in use.

SFS says it has launched a new, improved version of the isoweld 3000 induction welding machine which enables the welding of adhesive coated isoweld stress plates to single ply membrane waterproofing in less than half the time of the original version. New software is said to facilitate fast welding in typically just three seconds per fastener, thereby offering a very significant improvement in productivity to the installer.

Since its launch in 2013, the isoweld system has been successfully used to install more than 8 million square metres of single ply membrane roofs. The system has reportedly proved itself as a secure, economic fastening solution which can save up to 20% on the total installed cost.

Martyn Holloway, flat roofing business development manager at SFS, said: “As clients strive for ever higher quality in their building envelope design and construction, isoweld represents an ideal fastening solution for the installation of single ply membranes. It enables installers to deliver a safe and secure installation, suitable for new build and refurbishment applications. The faster welding speed will be welcomed by installers and will serve to further enhance the benefits of this cost-effective solution.”

Using the isoweld field fastening system is said to enable the installer to use the widest membranes available and thereby significantly reduce the amount of seam welding required. Because fixing is not in-seam, less overlap is required to offer increased membrane coverage.

Typically, up to 50% fewer fasteners and 20% less membrane welding is required using the isoweld system, which will vary with project exposure. For metal deck applications, the direction of the membrane installation may be either at right angles or parallel to the crown direction, which can offer a more efficient installation. For exposed locations, the isoweld system offers further benefits by reducing the number of fasteners required and linear metres of seam welding, whilst evenly distributing the wind load over the membrane surface.

Ease of use by installers was reportedly an integral aspect of the isoweld 3000 design. The set-up calibration is said to be fast and straight forward and once completed the machine automatically makes its own adjustments according to the site ambient temperature, as well as compensating for current variations, so manual calibration is not required. This means that an optimum performance fixing can be achieved, virtually independently of the operator or working environment.

Due to the inbuilt multiple safety features of the isoweld 3000 machine, SFS is able to offer a unique weld warranty to providing total assurance to the installing company, main contractor and client.