Novolux meets growing demand with high-quality canopy system

As a versatile product for both domestic and commercial applications, canopies are growing in popularity. With their new Pro Self-Supporting Kit Canopy System, Novolux has tapped into this lucrative market. National Sales Manager Craig Weatherley explains…

Whether you’re installing in a house, bungalow or apartment, and whether that’s in the city, countryside or coast, there’s no denying that canopies are proving to be an increasingly popular home improvement option.

These versatile additions are also growing in popularity within the commercial market, having been increasingly installed outside offices, schools, and even hospitals.

And with many benefits and uses, this growing popularity comes as no surprise.

Canopies add value to any property, and are an affordable way to improve and extend any home. An extremely versatile product, they can be used for a range of applications, including car ports, patio covers, children’s play areas, walkway covers, bike shelters, and as a space to enjoy some much needed shade on sunny days.

In schools, canopies can provide the perfect area for messier activities, allowing for fun and interactive lessons, while also providing shelter from the rain, giving pupils the freedom to play outside even during rainy break times.

And in commercial buildings such as offices and hospitals, canopies make great designated waiting areas as well as covered walkways between buildings to keep staff and visitors sheltered.

Many benefits

With so many uses, it’s no wonder canopies are seeing an increased demand, and if you’re an installer looking to tap into this growing market, then Novolux is your ideal supplier.

As a leading supplier of solid and multi-wall polycarbonate sheet products, the company has recently added the Novolux Pro Self-Supporting Kit Canopy System to its range, a modern, stylish, aluminium kit canopy that serves as a great solution for domestic, DIY and commercial applications.

Novolux National Sales Manager Craig Weatherley comments: “Our Pro Self-Supporting Kit Canopy System has been designed and manufactured for ease of installation and can be installed in less than a day, offering versatility like no other with only a small number of quality components.

“What’s more, it comes with an impressive 5 to 10-day lead time, ensuring our customers can deliver on time and ultimately increase their conversion rates.”

The Novolux Pro Self-Supporting Kit Canopy System is made from high-quality, thick aluminium profiles, 16mm ‘X’ structure polycarbonate, and top of the range powder coated aluminium end plates.

It also comes with integral rainwater drainage, pre-welded post feet, and aluminium sheet closures for added strength.

The system is available in a range of colours and sizes to suit any application, is maintenance free, and in addition to fast turnaround times, is also supplied as a key kit fully ready for immediate installation.

Helping you get ahead

Craig comments: “Canopies are certainly growing in popularity, and with the Novolux Pro Self-Supporting Kit Canopy System, we’re offering our customers the opportunity to tap into what’s becoming a very lucrative market.

“In addition to this high-quality system, we’re also offering great service and impressive turnaround times, which is a combination that’s proved hard to find in the current market.

“At Novolux, we’re always looking for ways to help our customers get ahead, and by offering a 5 to 10-day delivery time, installers can fit in more projects and increase their profit margins.

“If you’re on the lookout for a reliable, high-quality supplier, then give us a call today.”

Based north of Newport, Novolux is a supplier of high-quality multiwall and solid polycarbonate sheet products. The company also supplies roof windows and lanterns, loft ladders and roofing accessories, all from stock and on a national basis.

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