Offsite Solutions Brexit offer

Offsite Solutions says offsite construction can help developers and contractors minimise the impact of Brexit

Offsite Solutions says offsite construction can help developers and contractors minimise the impact of Brexit

Offsite Solutions, the UK bathroom pod manufacturer, says it can help construction clients and contractors mitigate some of the economic uncertainty around Brexit.

The company reports that many main contractors and developers are concerned about potential cost inflation and project overruns as a result of Brexit, particularly on projects spanning the end of the first quarter of 2019. By placing an order for bathroom pods with Offsite Solutions before 31 March 2019, the price agreed will be fixed for the duration of the project, regardless of the effects of the UK leaving the EU.

By entering into contract for Offsite Solutions’ factory-built bathrooms, contractors and developers will secure a fixed price for one of the larger packages in a building project and at least 12-24 months ahead of the traditional procurement process for in-situ bathrooms. According to Offsite Solutions, this provides certainty of cost and programme and removes the risk of wage inflation or material price increases.

With site-based or in-situ bathroom construction, several packages are tendered separately and typically at a later stage in the build programme. This leaves the contractor or developer much more exposed to cost increases for the finishing trades.

James Stephens, managing director of Offsite Solutions, said: “The procurement of bathroom pods should be prioritised as these will be delivered at an early stage in the project – before the building envelope is installed. We can help to limit the effects of Brexit because the use of offsite construction for the bathrooms will give the developer and contractor cost certainty. A better price can be agreed with early procurement and the risk of inflation can be mitigated.

“We can achieve this because we have considerable buying power for bathroom products and materials – from taps, tiles and sanitary ware to timber, steel and oil-based materials for GRP. Long-term agreements with our suppliers give us the benefit of fixed annual prices. We also place the orders for products and materials for the entire bathroom project as soon as our contract with the client is signed. And we have a more stable, longer-term, multi-skilled workforce and so are in a stronger position to protect against wage inflation.”

Offsite Solutions offers a range of bathroom pods. Options include steel-framed pods with porcelain-tiled finishes for high-end apartments, student residences and hotels; robust and low maintenance GRP composite pods for student accommodation, care homes, social housing and healthcare; hybrid pods for specialist projects, and demountable GRP pods for ease of installation in refurbishment schemes.