Roof-Pro comes to the aid of hospital in Derby…

Roof-Pro has successfully completed a £22,000 bespoke roof access system project at the Royal Derby Hospital.

Alongside providing easy and safe rooftop access to the MRI scanner’s rooftop-mounted chiller unit, Roof-Pro was also asked to design and build roof access systems for the whole new building.

The main elements of the project were, to provide a stable, non-penetrating support for the chiller and Air Handling Units (AHU), deliver a waterproof method of bringing cables and pipes from the service units down into the building, and ensure step-over access to the chiller support platform, enabling the units to be serviced and inspected by maintenance personnel.

The project involved a combination of standard and bespoke components designed and built by Roof-Pro, including a Chiller Support Platform, a Roof Penetration Box and Step-Overs.

Roof-Pro worked closely with two key contractors: Mellor Bromley Mechanical Services, who delivered the chiller and AHUs, and Derwent Valley Construction, who were responsible for the fabric of the rooftop.

All the components were delivered and installed on time and within budget, enabling the primary contractors to complete their projects on time.