Setcrete Rapid Set Repair Mortar Offers 30 Minute Set Time

Setcrete Rapid Set Repair Mortar repairs damaged or worn concrete in just 30 minutes. The water-mix mortar can be used internally or externally and applied up to 25mm thick on horizontal surfaces or 10mm on vertical surfaces.

It is suitable for repairing a wide range of non-structural concrete elements, including floor screeds, paving slabs, beams and lintels, stair treads and risers, balcony edges and concrete soffits.

With a working time of 10-15 minutes, Setcrete Rapid Set Repair Mortar is walk-on hard after 30 minutes (depending on ambient temperature) and can be covered, for example with a floorcovering, after 24 hours.

Packaged in conveniently-sized 5 Kg pouches, with a storage/shelf life of 12 months, it is available through builders merchants nationwide.

Commenting on the repair mortar, Setcrete Brand Manager Peter Wilson said: “Setcrete Rapid Set Repair Mortar offers a quick and reliable way of making good damaged concrete surfaces in a fraction of the time of conventional repair mortars, minimising time on the job and how long areas need to be out of commission.”