Are builders’ merchants missing the obvious?

Following a recent nationwide survey involving local builders and merchant depots, Insight Data revealed findings that promise to reshape the dynamics of the merchant and builder relationship. 

The survey’s key takeaways shed light on two critical points. Firstly, it identified that merchant head offices are failing to offer sufficient support to their branch network in securing new trade sales. Secondly, it underscored a glaring deficiency in personalised marketing campaigns, with local builders expressing a distinct lack of communication from nearby branches – issues that can be remedied thanks to Insight Data’s sales and marketing solutions. 

When Builders Merchants use Insight Data, they are offered the opportunity to leverage its comprehensive sales and marketing capabilities; accessing data solutions that help target relevant prospects, generate leads, and win new business. 

Insight Data’s Local Builders Database is designed to be the go-to solution for merchants seeking to optimise their operations and outreach. The database provides the means for merchants and stockists, both at head office and branch level, to identify and engage with local builders within a preferred mile radius of their branch/es. 

The data is accessed via Insight Data’s Salestracker, the world’s first fully integrated sales and marketing platform, designed exclusively for the building and construction industry. This approach ensures that every branch can efficiently connect with its ideal audience, leading to enhanced business performance and expansion opportunities. The inclusion of real-time prospect data allows Salestracker to resolve issues of insufficient support from head offices and equips branch level merchants to identify new trade customers within a healthy mile radius of their branch. 

By implementing Salestracker and providing comprehensive training to your teams, you can witness a significant surge in trade sales. This boost in revenue will not only benefit individual branches, but also contribute to the overall growth and success of your organisation – helping match the power and strength of your competition and provide added value to your brand. The data will transform your marketing campaigns, allowing a personalised approach when targeting your prospect and existing customers. 

Our current economic climate has hit the building and construction industry particularly hard. But with every downturn comes a recovery, and the building industry has made a stellar comeback with a forecasted growth of over 70% in the next decade. Working with Insight Data whilst the industry is gaining momentum provides builders’ merchants with a working understanding of their target customers, from large housebuilders to the smaller family building firms, and the power to utilise the latest market intelligence across all aspects of their business. 

For further information on the most comprehensive and accurate databases available to builders’ merchants, contact Insight Data on 01934 808293 or visit 


Frequently Ask Questions

1. What are the latest trends and insights in the Builders Merchants industry?

Explore the latest trends and insights in the Builders Merchants industry, including findings from a nationwide survey by Insight Data. Discover key points addressing support from head offices, deficiencies in marketing, and solutions provided by Insight Data’s sales and marketing capabilities.

2. How can Builders Merchants enhance trade sales through Insight Data’s solutions?

Learn how Insight Data’s sales and marketing solutions empower Builders Merchants to target relevant prospects, generate leads, and secure new business. Explore the role of Salestracker, the integrated platform designed for the building and construction industry, in connecting branches with their ideal audience.

3. How can builders’ merchants capitalize on the forecasted growth of the building industry with Insight Data?

Explore Insight Data’s role in helping builders’ merchants understand target customers, from large housebuilders to smaller family firms, amidst economic challenges. Discover how working with Insight Data aligns with the forecasted 70% growth in the building industry over the next decade.

4. Where can builders’ merchants find comprehensive and accurate databases for their business?

For builders’ merchants seeking the most comprehensive and accurate databases, contact Insight Data at 01934 808293 or visit to optimize operations, outreach, and stay informed about Builders Merchants News.

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