From the very first frame: Genius builds thriving partnership with The Window Company

When Genius PVC Trade Frames was established in 2019, its founders – industry veterans David Eagle and Peter Dyson – were taking a calculated leap of faith.

Despite their extensive experience, they were entering a challenging market – supply chain issues, a skilled labour shortage and the pandemic presented obstacles that would test even the most seasoned fabricators.

The Window Company, however, immediately knew that Genius was a fabricator they could rely on. When the first Kӧmmerling frame came off the Genius production line, The Window Company were there to receive it. That very first frame formed part of the refurbishment of Chelmsford Council’s offices, a project which required around 300 windows in total.

This pivotal moment marked the beginning of a partnership that continues to thrive five years on.

Established in 1999, The Window Company has been fulfilling exclusively commercial contracts since 2010, handling everything from council developments to schools. A family business, the company prides itself on its honesty and integrity, as Chairman David Thornton describes:

“We truly care about what we do here, and being able to recognise that same level of care in our fabricators is crucial for us.

“I knew both David and Peter from their previous positions within the industry, and I knew from the beginning that Genius PVC was a fabricator I could trust to provide the same level of quality and customer care that we strive for at The Window Company.”

An endorsement from David Thornton means a lot – at The Window Company, he has an eagle eye over every aspect of the company’s operation, and so knows exactly what his suppliers are – or aren’t – doing.

As David explains, “if a window is even a day late, we know about it. We’ve always got our finger on the pulse.”

Thankfully, for the Genius team, dedication to uncompromising quality, coupled with honouring delivery commitment dates, is second nature.

“Nothing leaves our factory until we are completely happy with it, and our customer care doesn’t end once we’ve made the delivery,” comments Genius Director David Eagle.

“Our windows and doors aren’t just products that we send off and forget about – they have a real world impact, they are going to be installed in real homes, real schools, real properties.

“This means it is essential they meet our customers’ exacting standards, and if our customers need anything at all, we want to know about it.”

High volumes, consistently high quality

Commercial contracts carry with them an extra level of difficulty, and school projects can be especially taxing. Supplying large volumes quickly and in perfect condition is no mean feat.

“When we’re supplying schools with new windows, these projects are obviously very time-sensitive,” David Thornton continues. “We can’t simply ask the students to take another week off if there’s a delay with the windows.

“On one occasion we made a wrong measurement and needed a new window to be made – it was on the lorry the very next day. That is what makes Genius stand out.”

It’s this kind of customer care that makes Genius, as David calls it, “helpful to a fault”. The level of mutual trust between these two companies is a testament to the respect each has for the other.

This working relationship has helped revitalise council homes, schools and commercial spaces across London and the South East, and the difference quality windows can make is enormous.

David explains that “during one project involving the replacement of windows in a housing development in Clacton, two women were brought to tears because of the difference the Genius windows we installed would make to their homes and their health.

“Seeing the impact of our projects on a daily basis helps us stay motivated to consistently uphold the same strict standards we’ve had from day one.”

This, for David Eagle, is the key to building mutually-beneficial working relationships that last years. “For both Genius and The Window Company, integrity is everything. Genius has only been in business for five years, but The Window Company has been there from the beginning.

“I look forward to seeing our partnership continue to flourish in the coming years.”

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