The Glazing Summit: A Must-Attend Event in 2023

The Glazing Summit: A Must-Attend Event in 2023

The Glazing Summit, a highly anticipated exclusive event, is returning to Edgbaston, Birmingham today 12 October 2023. Setting the stage for industry professionals, business owners, and senior management to unite, it fosters a dynamic environment for knowledge sharing, networking, and celebrating the progress within the window, door, and conservatory industry.

The Glazing Summit Leaders Dinner


The Glazing Summit 2023: Elevating the Glazing Industry

As a prestigious hallmark in the glazing industry, the Glazing Summit has grown to be a fundamental platform for market leaders to discuss prevailing industry trends, upcoming regulatory changes, labour shortages, and the potential future of the industry. The summit encourages a constructive arena for both installers and fabricators, providing an opportunity to engage with trailblazing visionaries, CEOs, and business leaders, to foster a deeper understanding of the glazing industry.


Keynote speakers at the Glazing Summit.

A Rich Agenda: Expert Speakers and Panels

The 2023 Glazing Summit has put together a rich agenda that promises to address the biggest issues, industry trends, and upcoming regulatory changes. With a panel of sales and marketing leaders, industry experts, and CEOs, attendees will gain valuable insights into the future of the industry.

The Glazing Summit Speakers on Stage


The Catalyst for Innovation: Purplex Marketing

Backed by leading strategic marketing consultancy Purplex Marketing and Insight Data, the Glazing Summit brings the best minds of the fenestration industry under one roof, acting as a springboard for new ideas and marketing strategies. It empowers industry professionals and business owners, with the summit serving as a catalyst for innovation, harnessing the knowledge of expert speakers to fuel strategy.


Andrew Scott of Purplex and Insight Data.

Networking at Edgbaston Stadium Conference Centre

The selected location, Edgbaston Stadium Conference Centre, proves to be the perfect choice for hosting the Glazing Summit. This venue is not only ideal for networking but also boasts modern amenities, free parking, and a range of nearby hotels, making it a highly suitable location for the event. Delegates can build connections and discuss pressing issues against the backdrop of Edgbaston. The summit also features a drinks reception, a platform designed for interaction and camaraderie between industry movers and shakers.


Edgbaston Cricket Pitch

Home of Industry Professionals: Birmingham

Birmingham, the thriving industrial heart of the UK, has a rich history with the glazing industry, making it the perfect setting for this summit. It’s no surprise that this year, the Glazing Summit returns to Edgbaston, ensuring that Birmingham continues to shine as the beacon for the glazing industry, hosting not just business owners but in-house marketers, sales managers, and industry leaders from across the entire industry.

Exploring Future Market Trends

The Glazing Summit 2023 will dissect key market trends, offering substantive insight into the industry’s future. Here, a panel of sales and marketing leaders will deep dive into what lies ahead, potentially providing delegates with the foresight to steer their businesses through the ever-evolving landscape of the glazing industry.


Richard Halpin of homeserve

The Glazing Gala: A Symbol of Excellence

As the sun sets on a packed full day of sessions and round-table discussions, delegates will be invited to the glazing gala. A symbol of excellence in the industry, the gala recognises the biggest issues, initiatives, and industry trends over the past year, celebrating the hard work of representatives across the entire glazing sector.

The Glazing Summit 2023 is poised to be a remarkable event for the UK glazing industry. It’s an exclusive gathering of industry leaders, innovators, and experts, all converging at Edgbaston Stadium in Birmingham. The opportunity for networking, gaining valuable insights, and discussing the future of the industry is unparalleled. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this exciting event that celebrates innovation and excellence in the glazing industry.


The Glazing Gala Dinner Setting.

With all the information presented in this article, you’re well-equipped to make the most of The Glazing Summit 2023. So, secure your spot, explore sponsorship opportunities, and get ready to be a part of this dynamic and industry-defining event.

What are the key insights about the Glazing Summit 2023?

To get the most out of the Glazing Summit 2023, you might have some questions about the event and the opportunities it presents. Below are some frequently asked questions that aim to provide more clarity about the summit, its objectives, and how it promotes industry insights and innovation.

When and where will the Glazing Summit 2023 take place?

The Glazing Summit 2023 is set to take place in October at the Edgbaston Stadium conference centre in Birmingham.

Who should attend the Glazing Summit?

The summit is ideal for business owners, senior management, industry professionals, installers, fabricators, and in-house marketers within the glazing industry.

What will be the focus of the Glazing Summit 2023?

The summit will focus on discussing industry trends, upcoming regulatory changes, labour shortages, and market trends, with the aim of understanding the industry’s future.

What networking opportunities are available at the summit?

The summit allows delegates to connect with industry leaders, CEOs, and business owners, with opportunities for networking during the drinks reception and at the glazing gala.

Where can I purchase tickets for the Glazing Summit 2023?

Tickets can be purchased via the official Glazing Summit 2023 website