A tradition of trust: why professionals choose Barrettine

Steve Bailey, Group Managing Director, discusses why woodcare brand Barrettine Products has been trusted by the trade for over 145 years.

The modern business world moves at a dizzying pace – yet among fleeting trends and marketing gimmicks, one thing remains fundamental to any business’s success: trust. Grabbing the attention of your ideal customer is one thing, but building a lasting relationship with them is another entirely.

Established in 1879 near the bustling Bristol docks, Barrettine originally imported and supplied products such as Tallow, natural shellac and Linseed oil.  In a pre-digital age, the company’s success hinged on a trustworthy reputation.

Today, Barrettine Products is part of the Barrettine Group (which encompasses Barrettine Products, Barrettine Industrial, Barrettine Environmental Health, and Woodman Hill Ltd). Our main focus is now largely woodcare and surface protection products, but we have worked carefully over the decades to maintain the tradition of trust that was the foundation of Barrettine.

It would be too simplistic to pin down the success of Barrettine to any one factor – it’s the careful blend of tradition, integrity and industry knowledge that has made the company what it is today. However, one of the most important factors in our sustained growth over the decades is the trust we’ve gained with trade professionals.

‘Trusted by professionals’

The chemical industry is, quite rightly, heavily regulated; professionals need to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that the products they rely on are safe, and will perform time and again.

Additionally, in today’s digital age, online reviews hold immense power. Every product we produce is in a spotlight of its own, and this means that products have to be up to the standards of the most discerning professionals. This is beneficial for us, as it means that we are continually pushed to meet the very highest standards – when developing a new product, we won’t launch until we’re confident enough that it can deliver exceptional performance.

At Barrettine, trust isn’t built on empty promises. It’s earned through a rigorous testing regime that goes beyond marketing claims. We take a “real-world” approach, subjecting products to the very conditions they’re designed to withstand. For instance, our Armourflex® Hardwax Oil boasts superior scratch resistance. How do we know? I brought home some flooring treated with Armourflex® to test the product against the real-life wear and tear caused by my own three dogs.

While extensive lab testing ensures a product meets specific technical benchmarks, we also opt to test our products in the great outdoors. This outdoor testing, though time-intensive, offers invaluable insights. For example, we tracked the deterioration of untreated wood side-by-side with wood treated with our Armourflex® Ultimate UV Protection Oil, allowing us to see the difference our product makes.

21st Century Barrettine

We recognise the significance of the trust placed in Barrettine Products by the trade, and we don’t ever want to take it for granted.

At Barrettine, we don’t rest on our laurels; we are always looking to innovate and bring new products to the trade. Our most recent range, Armourflex® (consisting of a UV Protection Oil for external application and a Hardwax Oil for interiors) is just the latest step in the ever-evolving journey of Barrettine. Certified food and toy safe, our Armourflex® Hardwax Oil invariably receives five-star reviews, and our Armourflex® Ultimate UV Protection Oil received “Garden Product of the Year” from DIY UK.

­­­­­Available nationwide from various builders merchants like Wickes and Toolstation, our Armourflex® range continues to be the first choice for trade professionals across the country.

The beauty of the chemical industry is that it allows for innovation in every direction, and thanks to the trust we’ve built over the decades, trade professionals can trust that each new Barrettine innovation will deliver on its promise.

For more information, please email sales@barrettine.co.uk or visit www.barrettine.co.uk.