Debar forges strategic partnership with leading Dubai façade hardware specialist

Leading bi-fold hardware manufacturer, Debar, has partnered with Epsilon, provider of façade hardware and engineering solutions in a bid to expand their service offering overseas.

Operating as a global bi-fold hardware manufacturer working across more than 16 countries in the world, this partnership is the natural next step for the Bradford-based company which has exciting ambitions to become a reputable provider throughout the middle east.

As part of this new joint venture, Dubai-based Epsilon will be promoting the Debar brand to the middle eastern market and will also be stocking and supplying companies throughout Dubai and the middle east with the renowned DeWall System – which was originally launched by Debar in 2015. With more than 15 years in the industry, Epsilon bring a wealth of knowledge and will be well placed to market this incredible bi-fold system.

Thanks to its high quality design, the DeWall aluminium bi-fold provides maximum carrying capacity while offering slim sightlines, oversized doors and minimum profiles. As a highly sought after product, it was a no brainer for Debar to select this as the primary system to supply overseas.

With specialist experience in the development of bespoke bi-folding doors, Debar will also be working closely with Epsilon to introduce a brand-new heavy duty system to the middle east. As manufacturing larger systems is specific to the UK, the team at Debar will be using their expertise to design a product that can accommodate the unique sizes required for the bigger and more grandiose specifications commonly required in Dubai.

Peter Sutcliffe, MD at Debar, said: “We’re incredibly excited about this brand-new partnership with Epsilon and we can’t wait to work more closely together throughout the middle east.

“Epsilon has been instrumental in supporting our overseas ambitions and even joined us at the Big 5 Global event which took place at the end of last year. The team have already visited us at our headquarters in Bradford and also introduced us to one of their longstanding clients who we’ll now be assisting moving forward.

“We’re confident this is the start of a prosperous partnership which will no doubt lead to some extraordinary opportunities in the future.”

Renowned for crafting premium bi-fold hardware and delivering excellence, Debar supplies its products worldwide. For more information on this leading bi-fold hardware specialist visit: