SuperFOIL Insulation: Announced as Construction Leadership Council CO2nstruct Zero Business Champion

SuperFOIL Insulation, a leading manufacturer of high-performance multifoil thermal insulation, is proud to announce its confirmation as a Business Champion for the Construction Leadership Council’s (CLC) CO2nstruct Zero net zero carbon industry change programme.

CO2nstruct Zero is under-pinned by nine priorities, with a set of 31 metrics against which the CLC measures the sector’s progress to net zero on a public, quarterly basis.

SuperFOIL’s commitment to sustainability, retrofitting, and energy-efficient solutions aligns perfectly with the goals of the CO2nstruct Zero programme, earning SuperFOIL the CO2nstruct Zero Business  Champion title. As a Business Champion, SuperFOIL will join forces with BMF to support sustainable initiatives, overcome challenges, and seize opportunities in line with the CO2nstruct Zero program.

SuperFOIL’s approach to sustainability and energy efficiency defines its goal of achieving carbon neutrality in the coming years and, eventually, Net Zero by 2050, which closely aligns with the ‘CO2nstruct Zero Priority Performance Framework’, emphasising carbon monitoring and assessment.

SuperFOIL has demonstrated its adherence to these priorities, particularly in the following areas:

  • Maximising the use of Modern Methods of Construction and improving onsite logistics to reduce waste and transport to sites.
  • Collaborating with the government to deliver retrofitting and enhance energy efficiency in existing housing stock.
  • Enhancing the energy performance of new and existing buildings through higher operational energy efficiency standards and improved building energy performance monitoring.
  • Supporting the development of innovative low-carbon materials, with a focus on concrete and steel, and advancing low-carbon solutions for manufacturing production processes and distribution.

SuperFOIL Insulation has already taken significant steps to contribute to a greener future. With approximately 40% of the materials used in its flagship products being recycled, the company has demonstrated its commitment to reducing waste. Remarkably, a single roll of SuperFOIL SF40 contains recycled content equivalent to over 500 plastic bottles. Over the past year, SuperFOIL has incorporated approximately 80 million recycled bottles into its products. Furthermore, SuperFOIL takes pride in sending ‘zero waste’ to landfill.

The exceptional space-saving features of SuperFOIL insulation drew even more attention during the evaluation. One truckload of SuperFOIL insulation can insulate the same number of homes as six truckloads of regular PIR insulation, saving 3,765 kg of CO2 over a 500-mile round trip. In addition to maximising the amount of insulation material per pallet, they can ship five times more insulation per truck than traditional insulation materials, significantly lowering transportation requirements.

William Bown, CEO of SuperFOIL Insulation, expressed his enthusiasm about becoming a BMF Business Champion for CO2nstruct Zero. He stated, “At SuperFOIL, sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We aim to enhance the efficiency of Britain’s housing stock in an innovative and affordable way, positioning ourselves as leaders in sustainability. Working towards net zero is a natural progression for us and forms an integral part of our overall business strategy.”

Mr. Bown further added: “We have developed a range of products that improve thermal comfort, reduce heating bills, and create more sustainable homes. Our commitment to the Net Zero Toolkit, supported by Inspired Plc and Make UK, will enable us to become carbon neutral and ultimately achieve net zero status by 2050.”

SuperFOIL Insulation is dedicated to supporting the government’s efforts to improve the energy efficiency of existing housing stock. By manufacturing and supplying high-performance insulation materials, including those used in the Government-funded ECO Schemes, SuperFOIL plays a crucial role in achieving the required U-values and making a significant impact in the retrofit industry.

With a unique strategy in place to achieve carbon neutrality and subsequent reach to net zero, SuperFOIL is poised to make substantial contributions to the CO2nstruct Zero program and play a vital role in driving carbon reduction throughout the construction industry.

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