The incredible evolution of bi-fold doors

With research highlighting that the global bi-fold market is set to rise by more than 20% in the next four years1, MD of bi-fold hardware manufacturer and supplier Debar explores the growing phenomenon of this popular system.

Although bi-fold doors have been around for centuries in different forms and guises, the real trend among homeowners took off more than 10 years ago when connecting the inside and outside, without compromising on space, was highly sought after.

Today, bi-fold doors are a staple in many homes and thanks to the advances in design and technology, they offer a host of benefits better than ever before.

Peter Sutcliffe, Managing Director at Debar, comments: “Debar was launched in 2008 and in the last 15 years we’ve seen the bi-fold market in the UK evolve dramatically.

“With multiple designs, finishes, glazing, security and hardware options available, consumers have more choice now than ever.

“As technology continues to advance, we can be sure to see even more design options and functionalities being developed, helping to firmly cement a bi-folds place within UK homes.”

Major improvements to modern bi-fold systems

Initially introduced to create a seamless transition between the home and garden, bi-fold doors quickly became a popular choice overtaking more traditional patio door designs including sliding doors and French doors.

Compared to when they first launched in the UK, bi-fold doors have undergone major improvements and modern systems now come with fantastic energy efficiency qualities, improved thermal performance and enhanced security measures.

Even with the stricter guidelines introduced by Part L of the building regulations, when properly manufactured bi-fold doors can effectively and efficiently meet these latest changes.

With many years’ experience working in the bi-fold market, the team at Debar has played a fundamental role in the improvements made to bi-fold systems.

“When we first started as a business, we originally designed and manufactured our own bi-fold door systems, so we know exactly what it takes to develop a quality product,” adds Peter.

“As time moved on, we shifted our focus onto the key components which make the bi-fold robust, reliable and secure. We’re now responsible for designing, manufacturing and supplying quality bi-fold hardware to more than 200 companies across 12 countries.”

The rise of bi-fold doors overseas

Passionate about the bi-fold market, Debar has also been sharing its knowledge and experience with systems houses and fabricators operating not just in the UK but overseas.

In fact, members of the team have spent time in Canada this year to help educate those with an interest in bi-folds so they can successfully branch out into this market.

“Despite have a strong appreciation for the product, Canadian business owners are hesitant to invest in bi-fold door systems,” explains Peter.

“As patio doors are predominantly used in Canada, we believe there’s a significant opportunity for growth and innovation with bi-fold doors. So our team has been talking in depth about how to fabricate the product, how to sell it and how to install it.

“Knowing the incredible addition bi-fold doors have made to homes in the UK, we want to help business owners explore this new market further to achieve their own success.”

The future of bi-folds

Ultimately, bi-fold doors have come a long way in terms of design, functionality and performance. Not only have they become more durable and secure but bi-folds are also more energy efficient, ticking all the right boxes from a sustainability perspective – which is becoming more and more important across the industry.

The future certainly looks promising for bi-fold door systems, especially with the right people at the helm as Peter highlights.

“As the market continues to grow and evolve, we can’t see any signs of bi-fold doors becoming less popular among homeowners. If the right companies invest in adapting the system so it delivers exceptional performance, keep up with the latest building regulations and changing consumer demand, we believe bi-folds will remain popular for many years to come.”

If you’re an ambitious systems house or fabricator looking to learn more about the UK bi-fold market but don’t know where to start, get in touch with a member of the Debar team today. Email or call 01274 673 547.