Simplifying waterproofing specification

To assist with investigating waterproofing for a project, an index from Newton Waterproofing aims to offer a methodology that scores every waterproofing design by considering the required protection, the structure type/quality, the protection being used, and the competence of the installation.

The result is a system for specifiers that is said to provide a consistent measure across the industry for comparing designs, and which acts as a guide through the multitude of waterproofing options.

Projects that achieve the highest score on the index also qualify as Newton Protected Basements, supported by the 10-year Newton Protected Basement Guarantee.

Included in the 10-year guarantee is, zero defects liability period for the contractor, up to £100,000 of cover per project for consequential loss, cover for product, design and installation failures, in-house design assistance and on-site quality assurance and Independent auditing, where required, to ensure continued quality.