Testing times for roof coverings

International materials development and commercialisation organisation Lucideon has launched a new structural testing service ‘Resistance to Wind-Driven Rain of Roof Coverings with Discontinuously Laid Small Elements’.

The testing program is performed against the PD CEN/TR 15601:2012 standard and specified for lower roof pitches, weather-tightness of roofing joints and severe exposure. Structural engineers and physical testing scientists carry out the testing in Lucideon’s UKAS accredited testing laboratory.

Joanne Booth, technical manager – structures and facilities at Lucideon, said: “The modification of roofs is quite commonplace, from necessities such as vents to added aesthetic benefits, such as extra light from windows. It is important that any discontinuous element, in other words anything that creates an extra join, does not cause weaknesses or breaches in the roof structure.

“Testing can be performed throughout product development to help inform design, or on finished products to provide assurance that the product and fitting procedures meet regulatory standards.”