The people behind the product

Freefoam has announced the launch of three new short videos to promote the business online and through social media. Showcasing the faces behind the product, and the production and distribution facilities located in Northampton, all three give a real insight into how PVC building products are made and distributed from start to finish.

With social media becoming an essential part of any companies marketing strategy, Freefoam says it is committed to producing high quality, interesting content, and video is the perfect medium to achieve this. Using Social Media agency Mind Made, the filming took place over three days using drone, GoPro and steadicam technologies to capture the busy day to day operation as it happened.

The production facility video features Freefoam’s 21m high ‘mixing’ plant, and 3,840m2 manufacturing plant illustrating how the virgin powder is mixed and blended to produce the raw material and then heated and processed on extrusion lines to produce a range of products including fascia, soffit and guttering. Processing up over half a million product lines throughout the year involves careful coordination between distribution and customer teams. This video highlights how products are stored, picked, packaged and despatched to customers throughout the UK.

Colin St John, commercial director, said: “We’re very pleased with these short films. They show the scale of our operation in a dynamic and informative way and how our team work hard to make and deliver first class building materials. The essence of the project was to showcase the scale of our operation, the varied processes that go in to manufacturing a plastic product and last but not least we wanted to recognise our teams – the people behind the product.”

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