Viega smartpress achieves WRAS approval

Viega’s Smartpress pipe system has achieved WRAS approval, demonstrating full compliance with Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations and Scottish Byelaws. Smartpress is the latest product in the Viega range to have gained the certification – including Profipress and Sanpress for copper and stainless-steel pipes respectively.

Said to be highly corrosion-resistant, Smartpress is the result of worldwide development and is Viega’s first multi-layer composite pipe (MLCP) system in the UK. Bolstering the Viega press-technology range, it joins Profipress, Sanpress, Prestabo and Megapress to provide a range of solutions for various applications.

One of the most common causes of failure and leaks in traditional MLCP press connection systems is said to be damage to the fitting’s sealing O-ring that can occur during installation. Viega has replaced the O-ring construction with a robust Polyphensylsulfone (PPSU) support structure, which simplifies the installation process and provides a robust connection.