AG offers solution to reverberation woes

AG, a supplier of hard landscaping, building and structural pre-cast products says it is committed to pioneering excellent acoustic masonry products that meet architectural masonry specifications.

Alphacrete Acoustic is described as a sound-absorbing masonry block with ‘outstanding’ room and building acoustic performance.

Said to be one of the first products of its kind, Alphacrete Acoustic was developed to offer higher levels of sound absorption than standard masonry blocks. As a result, it is said to effectively reduce airborne noises and excess reverberation. Additionally, the flutter echoes and standing waves produced by reflective parallel wall surfaces will be significantly reduced.

Alphacrete Acoustic reportedly offers a solution to those who are tasked with dramatically improving speech intelligibility and acoustic performance in conventional constructions where reverberation causes problems. It is independently tested by sound research laboratories to prove that it meets the acoustic performance standards for a Class D sound absorber according to BB93:2015. It is also said to be strong, and durable compared to competing acoustic panels on the market. AG says that it is an excellent choice for controlling reverberation time in sports halls, church halls and leisure centres.

In addition to being non-combustible, Alphacrete Acoustic is said to be good value for money. The blocks do not require plastering, painting or the addition of expensive sound absorbing wall panels typically required to achieve Part ‘E’ compliance with standard block or brick constructions, resulting in ‘significant’ cost savings.

The block is available in two finishes: Athena and Corinthian. According to AG, Athena is smooth and stronger in colour and Corinthian has added texture and natural colour variances to give it more of a natural stone appearance. Both finishes come in an array of colours including optimum LRV (Light Reflectance value) shades and special detailing shapes to flexibly create projects with ‘impressive visual impact’.